Compan​y Profile and Project Information

Nam Tha 1 Lao Power Company Limited is an energy development company jointly founded by China Southern Power Grid International Co., Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of China Southern Power Grid Company, and Electricite Du Laos (EDL) according to Lao laws. The company is registered in Vientiane with a registration capital of $ 89 million, and the company office is located in Vientiane as well. The company is mainly responsible for the construction and operation of Nam Tha 1 hydropower station. The station is located in northern of Laos at Bokeo Province, near Xishuangbanna of Yunnan Province with a total installed capacity of 168MW and a total investment of $450 million.

Nam Tha 1 hydropower station is a hydroelectric hub mainly generates electricity. Its normal water level is 455.00m, with capacity of 1755 million m3, probable maximum flood (PMF) level is 458.97m, the corresponding capacity is 1967.53 million m3, and maximum dam height is 93.65m, with installed capacity of 168MW. According to the “Classification & design safety standard of hydropower projects” (DL5180-2003), Nam Tha 1 hydropower project is considered a first class project.

The hydropower plant consists of left bank spillway, concrete face rock-fill dam, right bank diversion power system and right bank powerhouse. 



Project Progress


   Project access road construction had begun at the end of December 2013, and it has opened for traffic since the end of October 2014. Later on November 2014, the project construction preparation has started, with a schedule for diversion tunnel closure to be in the middle of November 2015, water tight of upstream and downstream cofferdam in the middle of November 2016, and the first unit generator to be launched by the end of December 2018, with COD on 30th April 2019. Total construction period is four years and six months. 


28/12/2013 Project Groundbreaking Ceremony


Project Access Road (connect with Route 13)
Construction Milestones
  1. 28th December 2013, groundbreaking Ceremony
  1. Feb 2014, commencement of access road construction
  1. Nov 2014, commencement of transmission line construction
  1. Nov 2014, commencement of main damn
  1. Nov 2014, commencement of diversion tunnel construction
  1. Apr 2015, commencement of construction concrete face rockfill dam
  1. May 2015, completion of access road construction
  1. Oct 2015, completion of diversion tunnel construction
  1. Nov 2015, diversion tunnel closure ceremony
  1. Nov 2016, completion of main dam construction
  1. July 2017, completion of transmission line construction
  1. Aug 2017, commencement of water impoundment
  1. Oct 2017, Launch of first unit generator
  1. April 2018, COD


Vientiane Office: Saphanthong Villas, House #3, Unit15, Saphanthong Village, Sisattanak District, Vientiane Capital; Tel: (85621) 315 764; Fax: (85621) 316 498
Houayxai Office: House #297, Unit 08, Khonekeo Village, Houayxai District, Bokeo Province; Tel: (85684) 212 259
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