View of Nalae Resettlement Site

Overview of Resettlement and Relocation

Nam Tha 1 Hydropower Project impacts 10 villages in Pha’Oudom district, Bokeo province, and 27 villages in Nalae district, Luangnamtha province. Total of 10523 villagers from 37 villages of two districts in two provinces, in which 8207 villagers are people who are directly impacted by the inundation of reservoir impoundment.

In order to relocate the people, Project Company has chosen new resettlement sites for the resettlers, one in Pha’Oudom district Bokeo province, and ten sites in Nalae district Luangnamtha province.

On 29th March 2014, Project Company and Electricite Du Laos (EDL) has entered into the Resettlement Service Agreement (RSA), follow with the commencement of compensation for land acquisition and relocation of resettlers for project.



The foundation of resettlement

The work of resettlement and livelihood restoration based on the standard and foundations below:

  1. Concession Agreement, Annex I, Standard Environmental and Social Obligation (SESO);
  2. -     Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) – approved;
  • Social Impact Assessment (SIA) - approved;
  • Livelihood and Income Restoration Plan (LIRP) – waiting for approval;
  • Sustainable Retirement Income Plan (SRIP) – waiting for approval.
  1. Resettlement Service Agreement (RSA)

Management and Monitoring

In resettlement management, there are two main sections that have the right and obligation to manage and monitor the work:

Government: Lao P.D.R government sets up Resettlement Committee (RC), Resettlement Management Unit (RMU), District Coordination Committee (DCC) in accordance with its law and regulation, approve relevant plan and report, draft resettlement policy and compensation standard, instruct, supervise and participate in the implementation of resettlement and compensation, supervise livelihood restoration so it reaches the final goal.

Developer: Project Company forms Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring Office (ESMO) to be in charge of relevant resettlement management; under ESMO, there is Social Management Unit (SMO) which focuses on social obligation, and also acting as the middleman or delegates in communicating and coordinating with government authority. Fulfill requirements stated in SESO and relevant regulation through the service of EDL (fixed price contract - RSA).

Project Company, EDL and local authority together complete and fulfill SESO obligations and requirements.


Houses foundation construction in resettlement site (Column erection)

Resettlement Work Scope


According to RSA, EDL is responsible to complete all work relevant to resettlement, main work includes resettlement site infrastructure construction and livelihood restoration, work scope is as follow:

  1. Infrastructure construction

Infrastructure construction will be constructed in all of 11 resettlement sites (one in Bokeo province, ten in Luangnamtha province), the construction includes ground grading, access road construction, site road construction, water supply system, power supply system, public facilities, resettlement houses etc.

  1. Livelihood restoration

Livelihood restoration work includes compensation for village economic trees relocation, and tomb relocation; compensation for downstream impacted houses; allowance (compensation) for shortage in transition period according to the policy (rice supply); providing special assistance (target vulnerable group and aboriginal village); land development; training etc.

Schedule of resettlement and relocation

Work schedule for resettlement in Bokeo province:

  1. Resettlement and relocation in Hardmouak resettlement site started on September 2015.

There are 3 villages near dam site that have completed relocation in the end of October 2015.

  1. Construction for Hardmouak resettlement site completes in December 2015, along with the commencement of the rest 7 villages relocation.

Land development for agriculture in resettlement sites for Bokeo province will be completed in March 2016.

All resettlement and relocation in Hardmouak resettlement site will be completed in May 2016.

Work schedule for Luangnamtha province:

  1. In September 2015, completed right bank access road constructions in Nalae district and Donthip resettlement site (16km).

In October, began the construction in Donthip resettlement site (264 houses), Khonkham site (170 houses), Hardhup site (99 houses).

  1. In the end of December 2016, complete construction for 10 resettlement sites in Nalae district.

In March 2017, complete agriculture land development.

In May 2017, complete all resettlement and relocation work.

Current work progress:

  1. Land acquisition

Tavan Resettlement Site Construction

EDL is in charge for compensation of access road land acquisition, while Project Company is liable for dam construction site land acquisition. On 19th December 2014, Project Company signed Land Lease Agreement (LLA) with Department of Land Administration (Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment).

On 24th December 2014, Project Company obtained Land Use Permit and notarization from Ministry of Justice (Notary Office), land acquisition for the Project is mainly completed.  

  1. Construction in resettlement site

Up till now, there are 11 resettlement sites which 8 of them have begun construction. The 8 resettlement sites are Hardmouak site in Bokeo province; Tavan, Hardtae, Banvard, Nongkham, Houaykheuang, Nalae and Peuan in Nalae district, Luangnamtha province.

On the other hand, there are 3 large resettlement sites include Donthip (264 houses), Khonkham (170 houses) and Hardhup (99 houses) which are from Nalae district Luangnamtha province that haven’t started construction.

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