Management and Monitoring Plan for Environment Protection

As Nam Tha 1 Lao Power Company understands and realizes the importance of environment protection and what impact of the development of Nam Tha 1 Hydropower Project will have on environment, we have set up Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring Office (ESMO) to act as the protector to assure every construction activity and other relevant activities in construction sites comply with Lao Environmental Protection Law. 


Project Company ESMO team

In order to meet international standard on environmental protection, ESMO team has urge all construction contractors together with Environmental Protection Authority to cooperate, supervise and monitor environment around construction site.


The development of Nam Tha 1 Hydropower Project is inevitably affecting some of the forest and wild animal habitats. However, the Project Company is doing our best reducing the effect cause by the construction of the dam, and avoids any severe unbalanced situation.

ESMO team arranges schedule for site inspection to prevent any intentional or accidental invasion of forest and wild animal habitats, as well as to ensure natural resource and river will not be harmed by construction activities or get polluted by drainage system. 


Below are main work scopes of ESMO environmental protection:

  • Construction site patrol, hunting and tree felling activities control
  • Construction site management and monitoring plan
  • Construction site management and monitoring
  • Construction contractors inspection and monitoring
  • Environment inspection and supervision
  • Loud noise and explosion sound management
  • Toxic gas emission management
  • Construction site personnel management
  • Drainage and waste management
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