The Successful River-closure of Nam Tha 1 Hydropower Station

Mr.Somsavat Lengsavad, the Deputy Prime Minister of Lao PDR started the River-closure Ceremony by sounding the gong

Photographed by Wu Xingbo

Mr.Somsavat Lengsavad and other leaders are watching the River-closure Ceremony

Photographed by Wu Xingbo

A jubilant scene on site at the River-closure Ceremony

Photographed by Wu Xingbo

Local time 10:00am, on November 6, the river closure of Laos Nam Tha 1 Hydropower Project developed by China Southern Power Grid International co., Ltd conducted successfully, marking the construction of Nam Tha 1 hydropower station entering into a new phase. The River-closure Ceremony is also a tribute to the 40th anniversary of the Lao people's Democratic Republic and the 60th anniversary of the Lao People Revolution Party.

In recent years, China Southern Power Grid Company seized the strategic opportunity of "One Belt and One Road", brought the company's location and geographical advantages to full play to promote the resource allocation optimization of power grid interconnection of neighboring countries and the electricity market of Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS).  China Southern Power Grid Company has achieved the power grid interconnection to Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar by strengthening development and cooperation of energy and resources with the countries along "One Belt and One Road", thus optimizing the allocation of energy resources within a wider range, stimulating domestic electricity technology, equipment, and construction to "go out", and play a positive role in promoting the local social and economic development.

Another Milestone of the Cooperation Related to Power between Laos and China

Local time 10:00am, dozens of large dump trucks by Namtha River poured the stone into the closure gap.  At 11:30am, with the last car of stones poured into the closure gap, the diversion tunnel was successfully closed.  As the river water running through the diversion tunnel to downstream, the river closure ended in a satisfactory way.

It is understood that the the station is located in northern of Laos at Bokeo Province, near Xishuangbanna of Yunnan Province with a total installed capacity of 168MW and a total investment of 2.7 billion yuan. The project is in BOT form jointly invested by China Southern Power Grid International co., Ltd and EDL, and is expected to be completed and go into operation at March 2019. According to the head of this project, Nam Tha 1 hydropower station is a hydroelectric hub mainly generates electricity. Its normal water level is 455.00m, with capacity of 1755 million m3, and maximum dam height of 93.65m. After the river closure, the construction of the main works will enter into a peak.

One China Southern Power Grid official said that, Nam Tha 1 Hydropower Project is one of key projects for Southern Power Grid Company to implement the national strategy of "One Belt and One Road", and to speed up the "going out" pace. Since December 28, 2013, when the construction of access roads officially started, in the efforts of all parties, this project is moving quite smoothly in all aspects. In addition, in terms of power grid interconnectiaos operated successfully.  The project is funded by EDL, general contracted by Yunnan power grid International, which is a subsidiary of China Southern Power Grid. Crossing four provinces of northern Laos, the project includes four substations and 5 transmission lines, which totals a contract value of $ 302 million. After the project is put into operation, voltage level of Lao northern power grid will upgrade from 115 kV to 230 kV, and a national unified 230 kV power grid network will be formed to provide strong power for the economic development of Laos.

In Vietnam, the Yongxin Fired Power Plant Project investment by China Southern Power Grid Company officially started on July 18, 2015. Located in Binh Thuan province of Vietnam, the power plant consists of two 600,000 kilowatts supercritical thermal power units. The estimated total investment is 1.755 billion US dollars, which is the largest power plant project that Chinese enterprises has ever invested in Vietnam, and also the first BOT power projects that Chinese enterprises developed in Vietnam .

As of October 31, 2015, China Southern Power Grid Company has sent a total of 31.545 billion kwh of electricity to Vietnam, 892 million kwh of electricity to Laos, and purchased 12.261 billion kwh of electricity from Myanmar, while supplying 99.74 million kwh of electricity to border areas of Myanmar. By Cross-border cooperation with the neighboring countries, China Southern Power Grid Company has eased the situation of electricity shortage in Vietnam, Laos, and northern region of Myanmar, and has provided great support for the local social and economic development.

  Blend in to Benefit the Locals

Blending in is an important measure of China Southern Power Grid to gain local acceptance in the process of "going out". Thus, China Southern Power Grid Company respects local laws, religious culture and customs, and strive to achieve management localization, at the same time, actively employ local staff to participate in project construction and resettlement management, going into the local villages to launch a series of public welfare activities like "care about children of mountainous area, and donate hand in hand "to improve the social environment of the project site.

When surveying the Yongxin Fired Power Plant BOT Project in Vietnam, , official of China Southern Power Grid also put forward that the project should not only promote local employment, but also enhance the well-being of employees and local people for the benefit of the local community. Currently, China Southern Power Grid is recruiting a number of staff from the project site to China for learning and training, and then return to work after training in order to provide technical personnel for the local.

Encourage Chinese Enterprises to “go out”

It is known that Nam Tha 1 Hydropower Project is in BOT form with an operation period of 28 years. The design, equipment and construction of this project are all undertaken by Chinese enterprises, which has encouraged the equipment manufacturing, engineering design and construction, financial services and other industries in China to go out.



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