Flood control is the focus of safety production works of Nam Tha 1 Hydropower Project of this year, with the arrival of the flood season, the work of flood control was carried out comprehensively.

In order to do a good job in flood control this year, on one hand, the project company was clutching the progress of dam filling, and the dam was filled to EL430m on May 28, making the dam capable of resisting the "once in a century" flood; on the other hand, the flood control headquarter of the project company made an overall deployment for flood control works, developed "contingency plans for flood control in flood period" and "flood control drill program," and organized all participating units to carry out 2016 flood control emergency drills on June 20 to test the preparedness and response capability of flood control in practice.

This field exercise was conducted at dam site work area of Sinohydro Bureau 8, which simulated when the upstream cofferdam water level reaches the warning level of respectively EL400m, EL407m, EL408m, EL409m, the project company started four (blue, yellow, orange, red) corresponding warning signals, and take emergency measures. At 15:40 pm, the drill team and participating construction equipment were in place, and the exercise kicked off as the deputy general commander orders.

"The upstream cofferdam water level has reached to EL409m, please instruct!" the field warning commander reports to the deputy general commander.

"Copy that! Immediately start a red warning signal!" Mr. Xie Zhengdu, the deputy director of flood control headquarters, gave an order through his handheld walkie-talkie, and issued the "red" warning notice on site.

The flood is as dangerous as in the military, Sinohydro Bureau 8 immediately start the actions corresponding to the warning. The drill went methodically under the hot sun, all the participants looked serious and sound sonorous, for no one despises the exercises and regarded the drill as actual conducts. Corresponding to different levels of warning, Mr. Wang Hai, deputy director of the flood control headquarters, reported to International Emergency Office of CSGI by satellite phone, and submitted a written report to the office, and International Emergency Office gave out instructions correspondently. All participating units interacted perfectly on the site, and rescue personnel and equipments obeyed the commands, advancing and retreating in an orderly fashion.

The drill ended successfully at 17:00. Mr. Xie Zhengdu, the deputy director of flood control headquarters, listened to a summary of the participating parties, and in his review, he fully affirmed the performance of all units during the course of the drill.

This drill improved the understanding of all participating units toward flood control, firmly established a sense of security in flood control, further tested and improved the " contingency plans for flood control during flood period of 2016”, enhanced the emergency response capacity of construction site personnel, and laid a solid foundation for flood control works of this year.

Get-together of all members of participating units

The leader of flood control team of Sinohydro Bureau 8 reporting to the headquarter


The flood control headquarter report to International Emergency Office of CSGI by satellite phone


The flood control headquarter give instructions and issue notice of warning


The rescue personnel reinforce the upper-stream cofferdam according to the contingency plan


The rescue personnel at the upper-stream foundation pit evacuate


The deputy director of flood control headquarter listened to the summary of the drill and review

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