On 23/11/2016, Bokeo Governor Mr. Khamphanh Pheuyavong, along with delegations from Provincial Governing Office, Department of Energy and Mines, Department of Forest and Agriculture, Department of Industry and Commerce, and Department of Planning and Investment together 22 people paid a visit to Nam Tha 1 Hydropower Station, with the accompany from Mr. Sun Peng – General Manager of the Company, Mr. Liu Jian – Deputy General Manager and other representatives of contractors.

At the meeting, Sun Peng greeted Bokeo Governor & delegations with warm welcome, and expressed sincere gratitude toward all Bokeo authorities for the support given since the beginning of the project construction.

Later, Bokeo Governor spoke after project progress report that it was his third time visiting the site. Bokeo authorities were very concerned about Nam Tha 1 Hydropower Station, because the project would act as a positive economy drive, which would effectively promote the circulation of local products, and increased a substantial amount of labor demand. Nearly 40 km access road with asphalt pavement also provides better transport condition. He was very glad to know that all project personnel are working hard to strive for one year earlier COD. He believed that the project will fundamentally solve the problem of insufficient amount of electricity supply for Bokeo industry, completely change the current situation where Bokeo has to import electricity from Thailand. In the end of his speech, Mr. Khamphanh thanked all project workers on behalf of local government and people, and he promised that Bokeo authority will closely coordinate and assist the Project on the issue of transmission line construction at some sectors.

After the meeting, Bokeo Governor and delegations visited the site to inspect the construction of the project, especially at dam construction area, powerhouse construction area, transmission line and substation construction area. Mr. Khamphanh was pleased with the progress of project construction, and had encouraged the Company to keep on working hard, strive for the goal of early impoundment and COD.

Progress report in the meeting

Bokeo Governor (Second left) visited dam grouting construction area

Bokeo Governor and delegations at powerhouse construction area

Project site management team, Bokeo governor and delegations group photo



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