On Jan 5, 2017, hoisting of powerhouse bridge crane girder was in place; and on Jan 6, hoisting of two trolleys was in place, thus hoisting of bridge crane main parts is completed so far. The owner, PMC, design unit, supervision unit, and Sino-hydro Bureau 8 carefully studied the installation program of bridge crane before installation, and optimized the original installation program. Originally, the team decided to use two truck cranes (50t + 25t) to hoist the girder and trolley, in order to reduce the safety risks, the installation contractor proposed to use a 75t truck crane instead. After the design unit review the two options, it turn out that the installation room floor meets the latter program, then the team ultimately determine to use a 75t truck crane for hoisting. The engineering department of Project Company, PMC, and supervision unit supervised the whole process of hoisting.

The model of powerhouse bridge crane is 150/10 + 150 / 10t, 20m span, and is composited by the bridge, the trolley (including the main hoisting mechanism, supporting hoisting mechanism and trolley operating mechanism), cart operating mechanism, driver`s cab, walkway, electrical control system And other major parts. The bridge crane is used for the installation and maintenance of hydro-generator and its ancillary equipments, the hoisting of generator rotor, stator, butterfly valve and other large equipments.

The installation of bridge machine is the key milestone of the installation of electromechanical equipment, which is of great significance for the project to start the generator unit installation on time and the realization of the goal of "power generation in advance". Bridge crane installation and commissioning are expected to be completed by the end of January 2017, and later the assembly of stator and rotor can begin.

Hoisting of Bridge Crane Girder

Hoisting of Bridge Crane Trolley

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