On 23rd – 24th April 2017, Mr. Phengphavanh, Luangnamtha Provincial Vice Governor leaded heads of Provincial Planning and Investment Division, Energy and Mines Division, Finance Division to make a courtesy visit at Namtha1 Hydropower Station, accompanied by Mr. Sun Peng - General Manager of the Company, Mr. Xie Zhengdu – Chief Engineer and Mr. Liu Jian – Deputy General Manager.

On 23rd April, Mr. Phengphavanh and his delegation team arrived at the Camp of Namtha1 Hydropower Station and listened to the report on project construction and resettlement. Vice Governor expressed an affirmation and gratitude on the Company’s effort on resettlement and relocation work, he stated that Luangnamtha was the province that undertakes most of project resettlement, that had greatly improved people’s life and production condition. He told the Company that Luangnamtha Authority would promote and support the Company fully on project resettlement and construction work when needed.

On 24th April, Vice Governor and delegation team arrived at the construction site, visited main powerhouse, dam, spillway construction site respectively to see the overall construction progress. At the time, he expressed his satisfaction toward the current construction progress and hoped that the Company would keep working hard for the next construction stage and strived to achieve power generation goal as soon as possible.

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