On 13th April 2017, on an occasion to welcome Lao New Year, Mr. Han Rui - Deputy General Manager of China Southern Power Grid International Company Limited (CSGI), Chairman of Nam Tha 1 Lao Power Company Limited (the Company), Mr. Sun Peng - General Manager of the Company, and Mr. Lee Yafei - Head of CSG (Lao) Office, had visited Mr. Bounthong Chitmany - Deputy Prime Minister of Lao P.D.R, Mr. Somsavath Lengsavath - former deputy prime minister and Mr. Khamphanh Pheuyavong – Governor of Bokeo Province.

In the morning of 11th April, at the reception hall of the State Inspection Committee Office, Mr. Han Rui and the group came to meet His Excellency Bounthong Chitmany. The Chairman first expressed his sincere thanks toward Mr. Bounthong on the February courtesy visit at the Project Site. Mr. Han Rui reported to Mr. Bounthong that the Project had been smoothly carried out, relocation work was estimated to complete in June.

After the report, Deputy Prime Minister expressed his appreciation on the Project’s progress that was ahead of schedule. He told the group that the Project site, which is located in Pha’Oudom district, is his hometown. During the 1965-1966, when he was a soldier facing with foreign invasion, he had experienced guerilla warfare in the area. Because of all that, he was really concerned about the people in that area and the Project.

Mr. Bounthong recalled the visit at Project Resettlement and Construction Site on February was a very pleasant visit. He saw that the Project had been smoothly progressed and that people at the resettlement site were satisfied with the relocation and resettlement house. At the new resettlement site, people could access to electricity and water; they have road and health clinic; sanitation and education infrastructure had been improved; small villages merged into larger one, made it easier for communication and trade; people overall living condition has improved.

In the end of the visit, the Deputy Prime Minister thanked Mr. Han Rui and the group, wished a Happy Lao New Year to all; he hoped that the Project Team would continue to work hard on the Project, strive to generate power earlier, contribute to the northern economic and social growth. Both host and guests cheers to the upcoming Lao New Year and mutually wishing each other before taking group picture.

On the same day, Mr. Han Rui and the group also visited Mr. Somsavat - former deputy prime minister. The Chairman reported the Project’s progress to Mr. Somsavat and expressed his thanks for the great support and assists on the Project during his term of service before ending with a Lao New Year greets and wish. The former deputy prime minister was thankful for the New Year Greeting and wish for the Project to smoothly progressed, achieve the goal ahead of schedule.

In the evening of 13th April, Mr. Han Rui paid a visit to Mr. Khamphanh Pheuyavong. At the time, he expressed his thanks for the constant support and helps from the Governor, reported progress of the Project, and sincerely blessed him on the upcoming Lao New Year. Mr. Khamphanh told the group that personally he was very confident on the Project and the management of the Company, and wished a Happy Lao New Year to Mr. Han Rui and the group.

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