On the morning of May 30, the last bunker of concrete pouring was completed, marking the successful completion of dam face construction. From the beginning of February 25 this year, after three months of hard work, another important milestone-dam face concrete pouring was completed 20 days in advance.

The successful completion of the dam face concrete pouring not only create favorable conditions for the follow-up dam surface water resistance, dam backfill and crest wave-proof wall concrete construction, but also provided a strong guarantee for the 2017 annual flood control.

Picture 1: dam face concrete pouring completed, and maintenance is being carried out.

River closure was completed on November 6, 2015, which is a year ahead of the original construction period, then dam filling was being carried out; on May 31, 2016, the dam was successfully filled to flood control elevation of 430m; on the 27th, the dam was successfully filled to the top design elevation of 455.85m and this milestone was completed one year ahead of schedule.

Picture 2: On Nov 6, 2015, river closure was completed, which is one year ahead of original construction period.

Picture 3: On May 31, 2016, the dam was filled to flood control elevation of 430m successfully

Picture 4: on Oct 27, 2017, the dam was successfully filled to the top design elevation of 455.85m.


Looking back at the construction process since the river closure in November 2015, the construction team experienced the torment of the heat during the rain, the baptism of heavy rain and twice the test of excessive floods, overcame a series of difficulties and obstacles, promoted the construction progress step by step, and fully demonstrated that the project team is not afraid of hardship, and has the spirit of sacrifice.

The next step, we will continue to do the finishing work of dam construction, and continue to struggle to complete the goal of electricity generation according to the original plan.


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