Nam Tha 1 Lao Power Company Limited                13/07/2017

Inspection of Safe Production in Flood Season by Mr. Han Rui, Chairman of Nam Tha 1 Lao Power Co.,Ltd


On 5th – 6th of July, Mr. Han Rui, Deputy General Manager of CSGI, Chairman of Nam Tha 1 Lao Power Company Limited, visited Namtha1 project site to inspect safety work in flood season, accompanied by Chief Engineer Mr. Xie Zhengdu, Deputy General Manager Mr. Liu Jian and representatives of construction contractors.

The Chairman inspected main powerhouse, dam, power inlet, spillway and other construction site respectively for safety and flood prevention work, mainly inspected power conduit system inlet sluice installation, river clearance, road and slope drainage, spillway deformation monitoring, and inquired information on recent change of rainfall and water level on river bed, supervised the Company to enhance investigation on potential risk of geological hazard, in order to effectively prevent geological disaster.

At the construction site of spillway, Mr. Han requested the Company to strengthen safe construction management in flood season, especially for spillway slope work which will start in this July; contractor shall develop a complete construction method and safety measurement, the Company and PMC shall strictly review and approve the method, supervise the contractor to implement safety measurement, to ensure safe implementation of spillway slope work.

The Chairman also urged for compliance of main objectives from Work Mobilization Meeting on CSG’s Safe Power Development Year and Safe Production Month - Peak Summer Storm & Flood Control, and from CSGI’s Safe Production Special Meeting, in order to practically prevent peak summer (high heat) accident and do well storm and flood control work. He also asked for high attention on stability of slopes in resettlement sites, urged contractor to monitor and take measurement when hazard found, maintained and guarantee an unobstructed access road. 

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