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1# Generator Rotor of Lao Nam Tha 1 Hydropower Project Ready for Installation


On Aug 25, 2017, rotor of 1# generator was in position and ready for installation.

Rotor lifting and installation is an important milestone in the construction of hydropower projects, marking that Nam Tha 1# hydropower station is entering into the stage of assembly, and the "small target" of installation completion is not far to be achieved.

In the process of rotor assembly, Nam Tha 1Lao Power Company asked all construction parties to put safety first and ensure quality, with unremitting efforts of all parties, rotor assembly of 1# generator has been qualified in mid-August, and the quality met the requirements of design and specification.

In order to ensure the quality and safety, the participating parties jointly examined the rotor body once again on August 24, confirmed that the assembly of 1# generator rotor body is completed, and the quality met the requirements of design and specification, and is ready for installation. On the evening of Aug 24, the relevant parties conducted technique hand-over for the lifting of 1# generator rotor.

On Aug 25, the participating units jointly inspected the generator pit, bridge crane body, bridge crane trolley conductor, bridge crane trolley running track, rotor lifting appliance and others to confirm that all conditions meet the requirements for rotor lifting. Under the witness of Nam Tha 1 Lao Power Company, the design unit, supervision unit, manufacturers and other units on site, the rotor body lifting began and was successfully in position at 11:20am, thus, the 1# generator rotor lifting and installation was completed smoothly.

The successful lifting of the 1# generator rotor will promote the smooth implementation of 1# hydroelectric generating set assembly, water debugging and water filling start operation, and laid a solid foundation for the successful implementation of the target of "generating electricity"!


Technique hand-over for the lifting of 1# generator rotor on the evening of Aug 24


Rotor lifting (1)


Rotor was lifted in position


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