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Han Rui, Chairman of Namtha1 Company Inspect Project Safety

          During 1st – 3rd November, Mr. Han Rui, Deputy General Manager of CSGI, Chairman of Namtha1 Company visited Namtha1 Hydropower Project Site to inspect the safety construction work. He was accompanied by Namtha1 Company’s General Manager Mr. Sun Peng, Chief Engineer Mr. Xie Zhengdu, Deputy General Manager of CSGI Mr. Ji Changqing, Namtha1 Company Deputy General Manager Mr. Liu Jian and other relevant personnel from project contractors.

         On the 1st November, Mr. Han Rui first visited spillway left bank slope area to inspect the progress of slope treatment and area safety measurement. Later that day, he inspected electrical and mechanical equipment at spillway sluice compartment, and continued to powerhouse to observe construction progress from top GIS room to turbine level.

Mr. Han Rui at the spillway left bank slope.


          At spillway left bank slope, Mr. Han urged all parties to work hard on slope excavation and slope support, prevent landslide, explosion, falling from high ground, and other accidents; all parties shall also strengthen safety management when work on framing, high ground, cliff area and in tunnel.


Chairman at powerhouse construction site.


           At powerhouse, Mr. Han Rui asked all parties to follow the requirements on safety management measurements for electrical mechanical equipment transportation, storage, hoisting and adjustment of the equipment in order to prevent equipment damage accident, work carefully on powerhouse decoration, electrical mechanical equipment installation and adjustment, and focus on safety management of the site, strictly follow “two votes” regulation.


            On the 2nd November, Mr. Han Rui convened the fourth safety construction committee meeting, publicized recent CSG and CSGI safety construction ideas and required Namtha1 Company to promote the stabilize progress of construction work with a systematic check, rectification and improvement through an entry point “Electricity Construction Project Safety Year”. Continue to promote the standardization of safety construction, concentrate on management, and enhance the safe and civilized construction image, upgrade managing level. 


The 4th Safety Construction Committee Meeting

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