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Thongloun Prime Minister at Namtha1 HPP’s Resettlement Site


           In the morning of 4th November 2017, Mr. Thongloun Sisoulith, Lao People’s Revolutionary Party Central Political Committee Member, Lao Prime Minister, along with ministers from Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Energy and Mine, Bokeo Provincial Governor and others visited Hardmouak Resettlement Site, whom were accompany by Mr. Han Rui, Deputy General Manager of CSGI and relevant personnel from Namtha1 Company.

          After the arrival at Hardmouak Resettlement Site, Mr. Thongloun and the group firstly visited school, resettlement house and livelihood restoration demonstration area, where Bokeo government held a meeting at resettlement clinic. At the meeting, Bokeo Vice Governor reported the progress of construction, relocation and livelihood restoration in Hardmouak Resettlement site to the group; Hardmouak village chief and village representatives were actively speaking at the meeting about how their lives have been changing after the relocation. Before the relocation, they were not access to road, electricity, and had poor public facility, but their lives got better after the relocation, people have received training in cultivation, production skills and have access to more agricultural resources.

           During the visit, Mr. Han Rui whom accompanied Mr. Thongloun at the site, presented to him the progress of project construction and resettlement, and report on the impoundment and generation plan. He also expressed his thankfulness to Lao central government and relevant authorities for the support given to the project. He told the PM that CSG has always highly valued Namtha1 Project, and that the project will continue to work hard on every section, contribute to the boost of northern Lao economy development and improvement of local people’s living condition.



Thongloun Prime Minister arrived at Hardmouak Resettlement Site



Mr. Han Rui made a work report to Mr. Thongloun


Mr. Han Rui with Mr. Thongloun having conversation


           After report, Mr. Thongloun pointed out that Namtha1 Hydropower Project will play an important role in improving northern Lao electricity supply, making living condition better for the local people. This project has significant benefits on both economy and society, and is one of the most important projects in Laos. According to the smooth construction progress, and with this visit, he was happy that resettlement houses are in good condition after almost 2 years of relocation, and the area has developed quite well.

          At the end, prime minister told the people that he hope they will continue to support the development of the project, cherish current living condition, give mutual trust and understand, work together with the project, form connection with each other, he believes better future is awaiting for them.


          Later, under the witness of Prime Minister, Mr. Han Rui represented Namtha1 HPP donated 4 computers, stationaries, and goods. The computers will be placed at CSG Donated Computer Room, which will help improve the local education condition, truly boost up people’s living condition. 



CSG Computer Room and Equipment Donation

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