New Year Welcoming Celebration


The 30th of December was the Office Cleaning Day and the Activities Day for the Company to welcome the New Year 2018.

Office Cleaning


In the evening of 30th December, arrangement was made for the cleaning to be carried out by all departments and contractors for their own office space. The office was treated just like their second home, every corner were carefully cleaned to shine, including office door, windows, floors, desk and even uncommon cleaning spot like windowsill and balcony. After cleaning, the office became neat and tidy, lovely and comfortable, and ready to welcome the 2018.

Office Cleaning


After the cleaning, the Company organized game activity for total of 53 people to participate in. The games include four-legged race, puddle jumper, banana eating, sack race, and football. Every game gave out point that could be added up at the end. By the time the football game finished, first place went to Operation and Maintenance Team (O&M), Monitoring and Management Team (M&M) won the second place, followed by Sinohydro Bureau 8 (Sino 8) as third place.  

Puddle Jumper Game


In four-legged race, each team sent out 3 members to play in the game. After an intense racing with the learning of cooperation and finding synchronization, it ended with O&M Team won by 15 seconds. In puddle jumper game, M&M team won with 4 seconds for blowing pingpong ball crossed 5 cups, called out cheers and applauses from the crowds. O&M Team also moved smart by sending out “the big eater” member to compete in Banana Eating, thus won the game again. In Sack Race game, Sino 8 tried to turn the clock around by sending out their “professional” sack racer, and eventually took the first place in Sack Race. In the last game, Administration Team cheered up their teammates and played seriously, and finally won by 3 goals in football game, become the last team to win in the activities.   


Football Game


The activities had refreshed everyone’s focus ability and energy, increased cooperation and enhanced communication among co-workers, let them understand more about each other.

With better working environment and atmosphere, the Company hopes to strive for earlier electricity generation, achieve the goal of the year.


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