Namtha1 Company 2018 Annual Meeting

On 11th January 2018, Nam Tha 1 Lao Power Company Limited held 2018 Annual Meeting at Namtha1 Project Site in Bokeo Province. Participants included Deputy General Manager of CSGI- President of Namtha1 Company Mr. Han and management team, Board Director- EDL Deputy Managing Director Mr. Thongphet and Board Director- EDL Assistant to Managing Director Mr. Vilaphorn, all employees and contractors’ representatives.

2018 Annual Meeting


In the meeting, awards were given to best departments and employees of the year of 2017. Where Finance Department won Best Department of 2017 award, Zhong Xiaoling and six other employees were awarded best employees of the year. We also had best contractors of the year, which included Sinohydro Bureau 8 Namtha1 Project and some other. The meeting also awarded best safety group and safety person.



Best Department and Best Employees of the year 2017


In the meeting, each department reported their 2018 work ideas and key work to management team revolving their core business, which won high opinion from the leaders.

General Manager Sun represented management team reported annual work. He pointed out that in 2017, the Company had achieved safe production annual goal, construction progressed steadily, production preparation smoothly carried out, company internal management became more standardized, team building fully strengthen, and had fulfilled strict governance party responsibility. For 2018 work, Mr. Sun remarked that all departments, contractors shall correct their thinking, continuously promote “strict, fine, real” work style. Enhance safe production, ensure all work goals achieved. Control risk, push forward construction revolving core business. Strengthen company internal management, increase lean management level. Insist on strict party rules, promote branch party building.


Group Photo of Employees at 2018 Annual Meeting

At the closing, Chairman Han pointed out that the achievement of 2017 work was worth the recognition, he appreciated all the effort and dedication from the management team, all departments, and all contractors. He also indicated with all the hard work of every parties that the Company has done a good job in accomplishing the targets released by CSGI. One, the Project overall progress was smooth; two, resettlement work has obtained gratifying achievement; three, team building is strengthen; four, rapid growth of staff team. He emphasized the main task for the Company in 2018 was to ensure achievement of July reservoir impoundment goal and end year power production goal. He also arranged key work of 2018 at the end of the closing, which include 1. Strengthen safety management; 2. Properly handle and treat spillway slope problem; 3. Strengthen resettlement work; 4. Strictly conduct acceptance test work; 5. Carry out operation and maintenance work well; 6. Increase level of logistics service; 7. Strictly perform finance management work; 8. Contract management work; 9. Solidly carry out party building work.

Later, Mr. Thongphet EDL Deputy Managing Director – Namtha1 Vice Chairman expressed his gratitude toward CSG team for Namtha1 Project Development, he was very pleased with the achievement of the Project. 2018 will be the critical year for project construction, to achieve reservoir impoundment and power production targets we needs everyone to work together. As the vice chairman of the board of the Company, he promised to work and contribute his best to the Project construction.

The end of the meeting was the signing of Responsibility Agreement for 2018 Party Integrity Building and Safe Production Responsibility Document.


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