Even during the Chinese Spring Festival, there are always some ordinary figures still holding fast to their own positions when most people were celebrating their family reunions. The resettlement construction works of Nam Tha 1 Hydropower Project is at a critical stage, in order to achieve the target of power generation one year ahead, the immigration management team were still sticking to their duties, stationing in the resettlement construction sites to check the progress and quality of each relocation sites non-stop when people of all domestic industries were reuniting with their families and celebrating the New Year.

Up until now, Nam Tha 1 # Hydropower project remains the single one hydropower project in Laos that has the largest number of villagers to be relocated, there are three thousand native people in two provinces and about 10,000 villagers that needs to be relocated. The Lao government attaches great importance to the resettlement works of this project, each level of government agencies often come to inspect and coordinate the resettlement and house construction works. Mr. Liu Jian, the deputy general manager of the project company who in charge of the resettlement works, gave up the Spring Festival family reunion to ensure the normal construction of all resettlement sites. He always pays close attention to the progress of construction, and controls the quality of construction strictly. In Hard Moauk resettlement sites of Bokeo province, 400 out of 560 households have been relocated, and its supporting facilities such as schools, health centers, village offices are put into normal use as well, currently we are speeding up the livelihood restoration works; In Luang Namtha Province, there Lies about 10 resettlement sites in Nalea County, and they are all at the construction phase. With the premise to ensure the quality and safety of resettlement works, we aim to further accelerate the construction progress, strengthen supervision and management, and ensure the quality of resettlement houses through strictly abiding by the provisions and requirements of the construction process and guarantee the quality of materials.

Site survey on livelihood restoration land of Hard Moauk

Visit orphan students in Hard Moauk resettlement sites


Check the access roads expansion works of in Nalea resettlement site

Examine the quality of relocation houses

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