In the morning, Dr. Phengphavanh and the team inspected Hardtae, Vard, Nongkham and Tavanh Resettlement Sites which are on left bank. Dr. Phengphavanh expressed his admiration and pleasure toward current progress of resettlement construction and relocation after listening to the construction progress of resettlement house, infrastructure, traffic, water and power supply, and progress of relocation reported by Site Manager and Resettlement Construction Contractor.

In the afternoon, Dr. Phengphavanh and the team inspected Nalae, Peuan resettlement sites, and rubber plantation land which has been acquired for Hardhup bridge construction. After the inspection of the sites, Dr. Phengphavanh acknowledged and confirmed construction progress on right bank resettlement sites, he also discussed about the existed issues of current progress with local authorities, and gave instructions for follow-up.  

On 28th April, Resettlement Management Unit (RMU) convened a meeting in Nalae District. In the meeting, Deputy General Manager of Project Company has reported the achievement of resettlement work and difficulties of the work to Dr. Phengphavanh, later representative of the Project Company reported to Dr. Phengphavanh the arrangement to require Resettlement Construction Contractor speed up resettlement work in according to power generating plan which starts in 2017, the Project Company also required the Contractor to guarantee work progress, quality and safety. Dr. Phengphavanh, representatives from Department of Energy and Mine, Department of Public Work and Transport, Department of Education and Sports, Department of Health, Department of Natural Resource and Environment, Nalae District Government have spoken and expressed the support and promise to coordinate in Project Resettlement Constructions in all resettlement sites, strive for the goal of July 2016 impoundment.

The visit and instructions from Dr. Phengphavanh and the team not only solved the problem of responsibility distribution and task assignments for relevant authorities, it also stimulated progress of Resettlement Work in Nalae Resettlement Sites.  



Image 01. Vice Governor and the team inspected construction in resettlement site

Image 02. Resettlement Management Unit (RMU) convened a meeting in Nalae District

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