Since the commencement of dam construction in November 2014, along with the construction progress, management team of the Project Company has studied progress plan, analyzed the situation and come up with a challenging goal of advancing one year ahead for COD. The construction of the project has smoothly been carried out, and by November 2015, we successfully completed river diversion one year ahead of plan. Today, the filling of the dam reached EL.430m flood control level, which is the remarkable construction milestone of the year.


June is the start of raining season in Laos, when it comes, the water level in the river increases dramatically; according to the requirement specified in the standard regulation, the dam filling has to complete at flood control level before 31st of May, in order to resist the flood impact in flooding season. Nam Tha 1 Dam filling started in January this year, it reached EL.430m flood control level with a height of 55metres embankment, and 650,000cubic metres of stonework.


To ensure the dam filling reach EL.430m in time, the constructor Sinohydro Corporation had invited Chinese well-known expert to repeatedly inspect and rationally develop a plan. With additional input of human resource, material, equipment; employees give up on holidays, endure all kind of harsh natural conditions, and consecutively working 24hours, they carried out the spirit of Sinohydro Corporation  – to constantly improve, to valiantly surpass. In the mountain, on the steep road, with only one quarry, and all the difficulties they had faced, the highest filling per day was around 10,000 cubic metres, they had successfully completed the task in 5 months! 


In the morning of 28th May, the President of China Southern Power Grid International (CSGI), Mr. Tang Hongjian, the Deputy Manager Director of CSGI and President of the Project Company, Mr. Han Rui, General Manager of the Project Company Mr. Sun Peng, along with all representatives of the constructors arrived at the crest and had a small celebration of the achievement. Mr. Tang spoke of the success of this phase, as the result of all constructors’ great effort. He approved the way of safety first construction and the goal of keeping quality guaranteed. He also expressed his gratitude toward all sectors for their hardworking and encouraged the team to continue with their work, strive to achieve COD one year ahead goal in April 2018, contribute to show the people the strength of Chinese Enterprise, and communicate the One Belt One Road, Unite Thousands to Lao and Chinese people.


The Co-Development Agreement of Nam Tha 1 Hydropower Project was signed on 16th June, 2010, with the witness of Mr. Xi Jinping (Vice President of China by that time) and Mr. Bounnhang (Vice President of Laos by that time). The construction commencement order was released in November 2014. Up till now, with only 18 months of construction, we have completed more than 45% of the whole work, the progress is truly pleasant.


Dam embankment completed 46%, and estimated to fully finish by the end of October; Concrete pouring for powerhouse completed 33%, we planned to install bridge crane by the end of the year, and fully start with installation of generator set in March next year; Excavation of headrace tunnel has finished, intake tower body has started concrete pouring; Spillway excavation completed 62%, concrete pouring completed 12%, checking test will be in May 2017 before the impoundment, strive for the first generator unit to be able to launch by the end of September 2017.

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